The bid book for our bucks

The Bid Book used by the South African Football Association to win the rights to host the 2010 Fifa World Cup has been secreted away from the public eye for years now. Detailing the initial projected government expenditure on stadiums and other World Cup related infrastructure, the agreements signed between the South African government and much more, it makes for very interesting reading. The Mail & Guardian now makes it available for public consumption.

The South African Football Association 2010 Bid Book pages are available for download here:
Cover and Letters
Chapter 1 - The Case for South Africa
Chapter 2 - Out of the Darkness
Chapter 3 - Government and SAFA Declarations
Chapter 4 - Government Guarantees
Chapter 5 & 6 - Contracts and Commercialisation
Chapter 7 - Finance
Chapter 8 & 9 - Insurance and Security
Chapter 10 - Stadiums and Other Infrastructure (part 1)
Chapter 10 - Stadiums and Other Infrastructure (part 2)
Chapter 10 - Stadiums and Other Infrastructure (part 3)
Chapter 10 - Stadiums and Other Infrastructure (part 4)
Chapter 10 - Stadiums and Other Infrastructure (part 5)
Chapter 11 & 12 - Media and Accommodation
Chapter 12 & 13 - Accommodation and Transport
Chapter 12 - Accommodation (cont)
Chapter 13, 14 & 15 - Transport, Accreditation and Ticketing
Chapter 16, 17 & 18 - IT Solutions, Official Events and FIFA General Secretariat

Annex A1
Annex A2
Annex A3
Annex A4
Annex A5
Annex A6
Annex A7

Annex B1
Annex B2
Annex B3
Annex B4
Annex B5
Annex B6
Annex B7
Annex B8
Annex B9
Annex B10
Annex B11
Annex B12
Annex B13

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